David Greene - Owner & Head Coach at Evolve Fitness

Dave Greene has been involved in the fitness arena for 10+ years. Working with some of the biggest names in the fitness industry & gaining valuabe experience  before the launch of Evolve Fitness.


(Jackie Skelly, Energy Fitness, Total Fitness & Ben Dunne Gyms.)


Throughout his Personal Training career, Dave also began a consultancy business for budding Personal Trainers. Helping new Fitness instructors with direction and progression with their own business. 





Speaking at college seminars, Dave has navigated his way through every level of the fitness industry & gained invaluable experience & enjoyed great success with his clients.

Hayley Strachan - Evolve Fitness Supervisor & Senior PT



Hayley has multiple years of Training experience and an incredible drive and passion for her Fitness.


Hayley Strachan is our class Supervisor/ Personal Trainer at Evolve Fitness

Hayleys knowledge in the field of Olympic lifting & Gymanastics is 2nd to none. She is a highly respected Crossfit Athlete, an incredible Personal Trainer & Coach and will always be available to help and motivate you throughout your Fitness journey. 




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