Welcome to our class Listings at Evolve Ongar Village.


We are delighted to announce we are 1 of only 2 CrossFit Affiliates in the greater Dublin 15 area. 

We now specialize in CrossFit Training at Evolve Fitness. Go to www.crossfit5d.ie for more information.



This is a new class at Evolve, including bodyweight movements. You will work with a partner during our fast paced CHIPPER style workout! 

High Intensity cardio mixed with muscle building TRX  resistance style workout. 


The TRX-BOX class is a partner workout! This means you will be working on the strap for half the class and then the bags! This is the most popular on a Monday evening and is guaranteed to rid the weekend blues!


This is a combination of BODYWEIGHT & BOX Cardio HIT training. A great way of keeping fit & working those core muscles. One of our most popular classes! Burns up to 600 calories!



A fantastic way to improve internal Strength and Tone! Learn the fundamentals, as we work on compound lifting movements, along with fast cardio intervals.

One of our most popular at Evolve !

ABS BODY BURN is a Core isolation excercise class, targeting - the upper, lower & outer abdominals. Bodyburn targets all core muscle groups for an all over abdominal and cardio workout. Burns up to 900 calories

EVOLVE FITNESS STUDIO - DAVE GREENE - 8/9 Sweeny Mews, Ongar village, Dublin 15

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